Play Computer Game – The Growing Popularity of Playing Computer Games

A PC game, also known as a personal computer game or simply computer game, is generally a video game played on one’s personal or desktop computer instead of on a video game console such as an Xbox or on an arcade machine. Computer games have come a long way since its inception, it has evolved from simple black and white graphics to a wide range of visually stimulating three dimensional and graphical designs.

Computer games are created by one or a group of developers working together with artists and game specialists. The games this team creates are published by themselves as an independent body or through a third party publisher. Most computer games are distributed on physical media such as CDs and DVDs or through the internet as a downloadable and installable piece of software application. The games may also be bought through online delivery services such as Steam.

To play computer games, certain hardware requirements need to be met. Most computers that can play high end computer games need to have specialized hardware such as a graphics card or graphics processing unit from a specific generation. Other hardware requirements such as RAM are also needed. An internet connection may also be required for someone to play computer games online. Requirements vary depending on the type of game you wish to play. Most games can be played locally or on your own machine, other games can be played while on a local area network – this type of game play allows you to interact with other players connected on your same LAN; while other games are played online – this type of game requires at least a broadband connection to allow you to play with other gamers all over the world in real time.

Most people, especially younger kids, who play computer games tend to get addicted to the game and may even begin to neglect their other responsibilities such as school. Playing computer games, or rather, the addiction to computer games is often a subject of criticism, especially among parents. This criticism is generally focused on the exposure of minors to objectionable content and long hours of gameplay. Even adults tend to spend hours on end on a single game, trying to find ways and means to finish the game and satisfy their curiosity.

Playing computer games are a lot of fun; however, there is a bad side to too much game play. For one thing, people who get carried away tend to ignore everything else that goes on and focus solely on the game – this results in neglected school work and even careers and other obligations. Playing computer games should just remain as that – a game. It should serve as an outlet for fun and relaxation and should not rule your life.